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CGIAR animation

Animation including photography and illustration, parallax and animation.

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Camden Council animation

An animation about Camden's financial challenge.


IFPRI Food security infographic


Adobe & education campaign round-up reel

I had the opportunity to create a campaign round-up showreel for Red and their Adobe & education campaign. I developed ...

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Erectile Dysfunction Infographic

I have just finished working on a great infographic about Erectile Dysfunction for one of my clients. It was a ...


Showreel 2012

This reel is a compilation of clips showing off my latest and greatest work to date. Enjoy!


CFI Animation

I created this short animation to teach Canadian lawn owners the correct ways to deal with Fertiliser. I worked with ...


Orajel Infographic

This infographic was created to inform people about toothache and help people avoid it


Roots for Growth stop motion and animation

Stop motion and animated film shedding light on the vital role of fertilizer in the world of agriculture today


4+1 Cheese on Toast Animation



Diet Coke Animation

I created the animated intro to launch this launch video


Zipcar Infographic and Report

I designed the full report and infographic highlighting the future of consumer spending in the UK


Alterian Alchemy

This is a short simple animation to explain a large complicated product


Dove hair therapy showreel

    Due to the nature of the content in the reel you need a password to view it. If ...


DHL Animated Infographic

This animated infographic visualises figures based on the international travel a couture dress may go through in the run up to London Fashion Week


Diet Coke ’30 Sparkling Years’ showreel

    Due to the nature of the content in the reel you need a password to view it. If ...


EDF Olympic Infographics

I created 2 infographics for release at the end of the 2012 London Olympics. Both infographics were working to visualise ...


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